Best Ideas For Fundraising Events

With the proliferation of sites like GoFundMe and DonorsChoose, anyone can start a fundraising campaign online and reach a large number of potential donors with very little investment of money or time. A well-organized live fundraising event, on the other hand, is likely to raise more money. A great deal of time and expense can go into a charity event, but an event doesn’t have to be too complex to yield a worthwhile pay off. An events management company can make planning much easier. The following are some of the best ideas for successful fundraising events from an events management company in Singapore.


Raffle Or Auction

Holding either a raffle or an auction can reward donors and motivate them to buy tickets or increase bids. To plan this kind of auction, the key is to get raffle or auction items donated. Often local businesses will be willing to contribute gift certificates or products, like jewelry, artwork, or decorative household items. When approaching a business to request a donation, it’s helpful to have some written material describing your organization or fundraising need. This type of event is usually accompanied by food and drink and needs a comfortable venue.

Battle Of The Bands

A battle of the bands event can raise money through registration fees for the bands, ticket fees for the attendees, and additional donations tied to votes for the winner. A battle of the bands is an exciting and high-energy event, and it can attract a lot of attendees who are already friends or fans of the performing bands. This type of event requires a large venue and a good sound system.


At a cook-off or bake-off, participants contribute food they cooked, and attendees buy tickets to sample each dish and cast votes. A chili cook-off is a popular version of this type of fundraising event, and it requires long tables, outlets, and power strips so that the cooks can plug in their crock pots to keep the foot hot. Usually the cook who made the winning chili gets a small cash prize or award.

Gala Event

One of the biggest charity events organized by an events management agency in Singapore is a gala event. A gala event is an evening of dinner and dancing, often accompanied by a silent auction. Live music, elegant decor, and fine dining characterize gala events along with high ticket prices. The planning of a gala event should begin well in advance. One of the most important aspects of this type of fundraiser is an elegant venue. The planning process is complex and is best done with the services of an events management company.

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